Further KJR Golden Road

DOB: April 9, 2021


Furthur KJR Golden Road

Furthur KDH Unbroken Chain

Kyeema Ridge Johnny Ringo

Furthur DR Franklins Tower

Kyeema Ridge Doc Holiday

Kyeema Ridge HNC Justyn Thyme

Dawnland Tabbys Checkerspot

Golden girl holds a pretty special place with me, when Helen at Furthur Farm offered me this special little doeling, I could hardly contain my excitment, Goldens Dam Unbroken Chain is a stunning doe who cleaned house at the Nigerian Dwarf Classic this summer. UBC walked away with 1st place 3 year old in all 4 shows, Grand Champion in all 4 shows, 1st place dam and daughter and 1st place in the futurity! Golden has all thr odds stacked in her favor and I cant wait to see how this beauty turns out.

Photos Courtesy of Helen Ford; Furthur Farm

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