Yellowpoint HT Harlequin Opal

DOB: April 26, 2019


Yellowpoint HT Harlequin Opal

Cowgirls Sweet Sapphire

Elfin Acres F Hawthorne

Cowgirls Vanellopevonschweetz

Outlaw’s Geronimo

The Lilac Twinkletoes

Purple Camas Farm Fabio

Harley is a beautiful roaned doe, with the sweetest personality! She freshened with a gorgeous mammary and a killer fore udder! She hands down has the smoothest, most well blended fore in our whole herd! She has nice teat length and great udder texture and medial that’s developing each freshening. She kidded with twin Bucklings in 2021 and fed them with ease. We’re looking forward to working with a piece of the Hawthorne line and seeing more freshenings from this lovely doe.

Kidding History

2020- Twins 1 Buckling, 1 Doeling 

2021- Twin Bucklings

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