Kazimir French Toast

DOB: June 6, 2018


Kazimir French Toast

Graceland NK French Franc

Graceland RJ Apache Rose

Thistle Creek DJ Penny Lane

Castle Rock Nikolas

Thistle Creek Briar Rose

Poppy Patch HP Reuben James

 Cocoa is a petite feminine stunner like her dam French Franc. French has that beautiful high wide udder, and I’m thrilled to see that Cocoas first freshening udder carries the same high well attached mammary. At 4 weeks fresh she milks with ease and her teat size is continually stretching out. This doe has more then impressed us! Cocoa was placed on the one day milk test and she milked 2.21lbs with a butterfat content of 4.85. Were hoping to see a little more capacity out of this beautiful doe when she freshens again in 2021.

A second freshening has again brought some gorgeous udder structure. Her teats are nice and thick and stretchy and her udder height and attachments are incredible! We’re seeing very similar structure to her dam French. Cocoa is feeding her twins with ease and her Doeling looks absolutely gorgeous!!

Kidding History

2020- triplet Bucklings sired by Potting Shed
​HC SunBear
2021- twins 1 Buckling 1 Doeling sired by Furthur DM Charms
Doeling retained

Dam and Sire images courtesy of Graceland Nigerians 

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