3*M 805 FC Sweet Maddie

DOB: March, 3 2020


3*M 805 FC Sweet Maddie

2*M Kazimir Champagne Problems

Furthur KRS Cardboard Cowboy

*M Graceland NK French Franc

Graceland RJ Apache Rose

Furthur Dr Franklin’s Tower

Kyeema Ridge Rock Steady

Maddie holds a special place with us here at 805 Farms. She is our first homegrown doe and we’re very pleased with how this girl has turned out! Maddie freshened for the first time in 2021 as a yearling and we’re very impressed with her! She has nice long stretchy teats, lovely milk-ability and capacity thanks to her sire Cardboard Cowboy. Maddie has a nicely attached, well supported mammary, that is very similar to her Dam Champagne. She is showing us she may present with a stronger medial in her second freshening and Im anticipating Maddie to really blow us away next season!

CGS 1 Day Milk Test

Maddie earned her milk star as a FF in 2021, milking 2.8 lbs at 37 days fresh  with a butterfat content of 5.38% She is now a 3rd generation milkstar doe with both her Dam and GrandDam earning their stars in 2020!

Kidding History

First Freshening- Twins 1 Buckling 1 Doeling Sired by Furthur DM Charms, 1 Doeling Retained

Photos of Dam Courtesy of Helen Ford; Furthur Farm

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