*M Mossy Rock FM Rave

DOB: April 16 2019


*M Mossy Rock FM Rave

Wonderland EB La Vida Loca

Furthur Fire on the Mountain

Stormwatcher Oh My Darling

Camanna BA Elijah Blue

Furthur DR Peggy O

Dragonfly SM Sugar Cain

Rave is a correct doe, she is sharp and dairy with good width and lovely length of body. Her dam Loca is a prolific milker who produced over 2L a day in her second freshening. She has soft udder texture and is a dream to milk. Her sire Fire is another great dairy buck from Furthur Farm who is adding capacity and body length to his kids. Rave freshened with a nice mammary, she appears to have taken on her dams excellent teat length and butter soft texture. 

Rave freshened for a second time in early 2021, she has almost doubled her milk capacity from her first freshening and milks with such ease. She averaged just under 3lbs at each milkout. Her udder texture is incredibly soft. She is a dream to hand milk with that kind of texture and full whole hand teats. I would like to see a bit more fore udder extension on her but overall theres not much to complain about.

CGS 1 Day Milk Test

Rave milked out 2lbs 16oz, 91 days into lactation! Her butterfat content was the highest of the year for our herd at 6.44% and protein was 4.50

Rave earned her milk star as a second freshener in 2021 ⭐️

Kidding History

2020- Twins 1 Buckling 1 Doeling
2021- Triplets 2 Bucklings 1 Doeling sired by Potting Shed RR Buzz
Doeling Retained

Dam and Sire photos courtesy Brynne Herbison; Mossy Rock Farm

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