*M Burnt Barn FC Peyote

DOB: May, 1 2019


*M Burnt Barn FC Peyote

White Lodge Dreamcatcher

Futhur KRS Cardboard Cowboy

Furthur CYS I Need a Miracle

Wonderland Prince

Furthur DR Franklins Tower

Kyeema Ridge Rock Steady

 Peyote has a good solid frame, yet such refinement. Shes an ideal build here on our farm and her milk production is incredible, producing over 4lbs a day in her First Freshening! Safe to say she takes after her grand dam, Franklin, whos breeder has said she milks like a freight train! Peyote has long thick teats and a super high, well attached mammary. I also love the smooth well blended fore extension she has. Im hoping to see a bit medial develop during Peyotes highly anticipated second freshening.

CGS 1 Day Milk Test
Milked out an impressive 4.43lbs at 67 days fresh
with a butterfat content of 5.16% and 3.94 protein
Peyote earned her milk star as a FF

Kidding History

2021- Twin Doelings, sired by Furthur DSC Stagger Lee

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