*M Potting Shed HC Classy

DOB: April. 11 2019


*M Potting Shed HC Classy

Potting Shed TT Touch Of Class VG87

Rosasharn MM Hermit Crab

Potting Shed FG Maggie

Fairlea Tom Tomson

Rosasharn H B Kujira

Rosasharn DLM My Monarch

 Classy is a very friendly and sweet natured doe, she is well proportioned and correct and I enjoy how she carries herself! We are thrilled to be adding a Rosasharn Hermit Crab doe in our herd and I am extra excited that her grand dam is the lovely Potting Shed MM Maggie, who is one of the cornerstone does at The Potting Shed Farm. Her dam Touch of Class is a beautiful dairy doe who scored VG 87 as a FF at Classification! Hermit Crab also classified at V87 as a yearling and his dam Rosasharn HB Kujira is an all star doe who is described as a super heavy milker!! She has continued to be impressive through 11 freshenings!! Hermit Crabs full sister Rosasharn MM Mermaid Muriel is also an excellent milker, she milked 860lbs in 300 days during her FIRST FRESHENING! This pedigree is loaded with so much milk!!

Classys first freshening brought lots of capacity and a mammary we are swooning over. She has excellent teat placement with good size and length. She milks out easily and we love how well attached and socked on her udder is. Classy had quadruplets and fed them with ease! .

CGS 1 Day Milk Test

 Milked out an awesome 3lbs 15oz at 44 days fresh and a butterfat content of 5.38% and protein 3.65

Classy earned her milkstar as a first freshener⭐️

Kidding History

2021- Quads 3 Bucklings 1 Doeling Sired by Furthur KRS Cardboard Cowboy

Photos of Dam, Courtesy Jack Kent; The Potting Shed

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