Further DM Charms

​DOB: March 12, 2020


Further DM Charms

Furthur KDH West LA Fade Away

Dawnland CHB Mic Mac

Furthur DR Briar

Kyeema Ridge Doc Holiday

Dawnland Tabbys Seneca

Chenango-Hills Buffalo Sauce

Charms is favourite around here! We were lucky enough to have Charms join us in the summer of 2020. We saw him as a buckling and immediately fell in love! His sire Dawnland Mic Mac is a very well-known buck who has produced MANY show-winning daughters with excellent udder structure and powerhouse milk capabilities, we are thrilled to have added a few animals from the Mic Mac bloodline to our herd this year!

Charms Dam West LA is a STUNNING First Freshener at Furthur Farm who shows so so much promise. She exudes such elegance and dairy character and she freshened with the most beautiful capacious well-structured mammary. I especially love her correct teat placement and killer fore udder! His Grand Dam Briar is another champion-winning doe, who won Reserve Grand Champion in 2019 at The Royal Winter Fair and in 2018 she won first place as a 2-year-old milker for Best Udder!! We sure love our Furthur boys and can’t wait to get some Charms daughters on the ground!

Photos Courtesy of Helen Ford Furthur Farm

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