Furthur KWB Kentucky Blue Grass

DOB: April 6, 2021


Furthur KWB Kentucky Blue Grass

Furthur DM Kentucky Rye

Kyeema Ridge Wild Bill Hicock

Furthur KF Sunshine Day Dream

Dawnland CHB Mic Mac

Lost Valley MR Megan

Dragonfly HX Altjira

Blue Grass is everything we’re looking for in a young buck! This boy is strong and wide but sharp and dairy. His sharp shoulders and length of body are impressive for a young buckling his age. I can already see the depth of body he is developing and I very much love this young boy.

His sire Wild Bill has produced a few lovely daughters notably with amazing thick long teat size and excellent udder shape!! Bills dam Lost Valley MR Megan appraised at VEEE90 in 2015. She has gorgeous thick teats, and Bills littermate sister Kyeema Ridge AJ Terra also has those incredible teats, lovely udder shape and tons of milk!!

Furthur DM Kentucky Rye is a personal favourite!! Pinch me! I can’t believe I have son of hers! She’s got a long list of show win achievements. Her udder structure is top-notch and the kind of mammaries we are striving for in our herd.

Some of Kentucky Ryes achievements include:

-National JR Grand Champion in 2014
-National Grand Champion in 2015 and 2019
-National Reserve Champion in 2017 and 2018
-National Best Udder of Breed 4x!!

She’s never competed against the same doe twice and still continues to take home the win! We can’t say enough good things about his dam, she is absolutely iconic and we’re so thrilled to have this opportunity!

Photos Courtesy of Helen Ford; Furthur Farm

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