Pholia Farm UB Destiny VG 87

DOB: March 28, 2015


Pholia Farm UB Destiny VG 87

Pholia Farm RD Define

Rosasharn SH Unis Bryce

AGS Jobi Delita

Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby

Rosasharns Uni

Rosasharn BB Son of Honey

Desi is the old boy in our herd, he comes from a very strong dairy background with his littermate sister earning her 7th generation milk star. Desi was classified in 2019 and scored 92 but was knocked a mandatory 5 points for being overheight. Desi excelled in each section of his classification with his chest width and pastern strength being his best traits. Desi is a very long dairy style buck that we are very much looking forward to using in our program.

Desi has had a few daughters freshen throughout the 2021 season and he is helping to add medial and large plump teat size with great orfices! Desis kids all have long refined dairy body styles and nice overall body capacity and his daughters mammarys are very consistent in structure.

Littermate sister Poppy who is a SG 7*M

Photo Courtesy of Oats and Ivy Farm

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