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What's in my kidding kit

What's in my kidding kit

Kidding Season is right around the corner for us here at 805 Farms and I know I'm starting to count down the days to when our first bouncy babies hit the ground in mid January.

If this is your first kidding season, it can be super exciting, intense and at times slightly terrifying, still to this day, I always get some preseason jitters! Being prepared can help you feel more confident and ready for your season. I have put together a thorough list of supplies and meds that I use in my Kidding Kit!

kidding kit

Pre Kidding:

4 weeks prior to kidding the expectant does get their yearly CD&T shot, we use covexin plus here on our farm and I get a bottle from my Vet. I also do an overall body condition score on the does at that time and give a dose of Vitamin E Selenium paste. Minerals and good nutrition are crucial during the last month of pregnancy so be sure top up mineral feeders or add in some grain for does with a lower body condition score. I also make sure to offer lots of kelp to the girls during their pregnancy and lactation.

Ok lets get to the good stuff! What's in the handy dandy kidding kit….


Kidding Kit Supplies:

  • a box of latex gloves
  • lube
  • catheter tip syringe (helps to squirt lube inside the doe for those big stuck babies)
  • puppy pads (I like to place these under the doe as shes giving birth, makes for a quicker easier cleanup in the stall
  • scissors
  • umbilical clips
  • bulb sucker (for nose and mouth)
  • iodine spray for umbilical cords
  • leg puller
  • scalpel (emergencies only)
  • LOTS of old towels for drying off babies
  • baby wipes
  • vitamin B12
  • selenium & vitamin e paste
  • thiamine
  • probios
  • replamin gel
  • colostrum gel
  • pritchard nipples and bottes
  • tube for feeding weak kids
  • molasses (mommas earn a nice warm molasses water post birth to regain some energy)
  • hairdryer (to warm babies if they get chilled or to help them dry off quickly)
  • heat pad
  • a painkiller and an antibiotic for those more invasive births or if the doe has tearing. Make sure to chat with your vet to find out what kinds are right for your herd

kidding kit goats

Post Birth

My goal during kidding is to interfere as little as possible, if I suspect an issue is presenting, I will glove up and assess the situation (tangled up kids, large baby, breech ect). If a doe is pushing for more then 20min with no progress I most certainly get in there and help. Once all babies have safely arrived I help mom dry everyone off, especially in the case of multiples. I make sure to see each one of the babies nurse and know that mom is standing up and doing ok too. I will then leave for a bit to allow the new mama to bond with her little ones. My does usually stay in the kidding stall with their babies for a couple days.

Thanks for reading my post, wishing everyone a safe and happy Kidding Season!

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