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2*M Kazimir Champagne Problems

2*M Kazimir Champagne Problems

Champagne is an all around beautiful doe, she is a cross over on Thistle Creek Briar Rose who is a Finished Champion and the beautiful Thistle Creek Penny Lane who was the Reserve Grand Champion at West Nationals. She is a lovely doe and we’re thrilled to have her in our herd! Champagne is an excellent producer with some seriously impressive udder height and WIDTH! She is an excellent mother, excelling at raising her babies all 3 freshening and in 2022 she raised quads with EASE, no bottle supplementing at all! I'm always so impressed with this gorgeous doe and she holds a special place with us here.

DOB: June 6 2018


Nigerian dwarf goat pedigree


Milkstart Stats:

CGS 1 Day Milk Test

Champagne participated in the 1 day milk test during her first freshening through the CGS and she milked 2.86lbs with a butterfat content of 4.69% and I should add that Champagne was a whopping 156 days into lactation at the time of testing! To say I am very impressed with this doe is an understatement!!

**Champagne earned her Milk Star ⭐️ as a First Freshener in 2020**

Champagne's second freshening has brought some lovely changes to her mammary, I see such maturity in her this year. Her udder has SO much width and attachment, her capacity is incredible and her texture is one of my favourites in the whole herd. Again Champagne has proven to be an excellent mother and a very special foundation doe in our herd.

Kidding History:

2020-FF- Twin Doelings sired by Furthur KRS Cardboard Cowboy
1 Doeling Retained

2021-2F- Triplets 2 Bucks 1 Doe sired by Potting Shed RR Buzz
1 Doeling Retained

2022- 3F- Quads 3 Doelings 1 Buckling sired by Furthur DM Charms                      1 Doeling Retained