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805 PSB Love Spell

805 PSB Love Spell


Love Spell is a lovely daughter off our buck Buzz. Ever since she was a baby she's really caught my eye with her correct, sharp body style, and I love how much size and depth she has for a first freshener. Love Spell has buttery soft udder texture that we can thank her dam Rave for, nice thick easy milkable teats and a proper balanced udder style, with improved fore udder extension and attachment. I'm pleased to see correct teat placement as well and she easily fed her triplets this year, milking just under 2lbs at milk outs. We look forward to her second freshening and Love Spell will be placed on a milk test in 2023.

DOB: February. 10 2021



Milk Test Stats:


Kidding History:

2022- 1F- Triplets, 2 does 1 buckling sired by Furthur DM Charms