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2*M Curl Creek Kickstart My Heart

2*M Curl Creek Kickstart My Heart

Kickstart is a very welcome addition to the herd, I have been hoping to work with a Willow-Oak daughter for almost two years and I'm so thrilled to finally have her! Kickstart has incredible udder structure along with capacity. I love her teat placement and I see her medial developing more and more throughout her third freshening. Her mammary is very well attached and she has large thick teats with excellent orfices allowing me to milk her out quickly and with such ease! Each year this doe gets better and better, she's absolutely a core foundational doe for us here!

DOB: March 9 2019


goat pedigree


Milkstart stats:

CGS 1 Day Milk Test

Kickstart participated in the One Day Milk Test through the CGS, spring 2021, she milked 3.9 lbs with a butterfat of 5.63% during her second freshening, earning her milkstar!

2022- during Kickstart's 3rd freshening she was consistently milking 2.5lbs at each morning milk out.

Kidding Stats:

2020-FF-Twin Bucklings sired by Camanna BP Marshall

2021-2F-Twins 1 Buckling 1 Doeling, sired by Castlerock Nikolas
Doeling Acquired 

2022-3F-Twin Doelings sired by Further DM Charms
Doeling Retained (805 FCH Thunderstruck)