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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Champagne is an all around beautiful doe, she is a cross over on Thistle Creek Briar Rose who is a Finished Champion and the beautiful Thistle Creek Penny Lane who was the reserve grand champion at west nationals! Her dam is the stunning French Franc and I absolutely love the mammary on French! She is a lovely doe and we’re thrilled to have her in our herd! Her first freshening has proved her to be a productive high capacity doe. She has excellent soft udder texture with nice sized teats. She is well mannered on the milk stand and has been a great mother.

Classy is a very friendly and sweet natured Nigerian Dwarf Goat doe, she is well proportioned and correct and I enjoy how she carries herself! We are thrilled to be adding a Rosasharn Hermit Crab doe in our herd and I am extra excited that her grand dam is the lovely Potting Shed MM Maggie, who is one of the cornerstone does at The Potting Shed Farm. Her dam Touch of Class is a beautiful dairy doe who scored VG 87 as a FF at Classification
Encore is an excellent result of a linebreed on Castle Rock Black Oak, Encores dam Ireland is a heavy producer with nice long teats and great depth of body. Encore has excellent teat placement herself and beautiful all over udder shape! Encores sire Castle Rock Nikolas has produced a handful of beautiful daughters and he continues to stamp them with teat thickness and notable milk production. 
Rose Oak is a very anticipated little Doeling! We’re so thrilled to have obtained this beautiful up and comer from Curl Creek Farm! Her sire Black Oak is known for his many many beautiful daughters and her Dam Rosalina is a very exquisite doe that has freshened twice with a beautiful mammary and earned her milk star in 2020! Rose Oak will be a first freshener in 2022! And is definitely one to watch!!
Kickstart is a very welcome addition to the herd, I have been hoping to work with a Willow-Oak daughter for almost two years and Im so thrilled to finally have her! Kickstart has incredible udder structure along with capacity. I love her teat placement and I see her medial developing more and more throughout her second freshening. Her mammary is well attached and solid and we are sure excited to see some more freshenings over the years to come.