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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Champagne is an all around beautiful doe, she is a cross over on Thistle Creek Briar Rose who is a Finished Champion and the beautiful Thistle Creek Penny Lane who was the reserve grand champion at west nationals! Her dam is the stunning French Franc and I absolutely love the mammary on French! She is a lovely doe and we’re thrilled to have her in our herd! Her first freshening has proved her to be a productive high capacity doe. She has excellent soft udder texture with nice sized teats. She is well mannered on the milk stand and has been a great mother.

Classy is a very friendly and sweet natured Nigerian Dwarf Goat doe, she is well proportioned and correct and I enjoy how she carries herself! We are thrilled to be adding a Rosasharn Hermit Crab doe in our herd and I am extra excited that her grand dam is the lovely Potting Shed MM Maggie, who is one of the cornerstone does at The Potting Shed Farm. Her dam Touch of Class is a beautiful dairy doe who scored VG 87 as a FF at Classification
Encore is an excellent result of a linebreed on Castle Rock Black Oak, Encores dam Ireland is a heavy producer with nice long teats and great depth of body. Encore has excellent teat placement herself and beautiful all over udder shape! Encores sire Castle Rock Nikolas has produced a handful of beautiful daughters and he continues to stamp them with teat thickness and notable milk production. 
Rose Oak is a very anticipated little Doeling! We’re so thrilled to have obtained this beautiful up and comer from Curl Creek Farm! Her sire Black Oak is known for his many many beautiful daughters and her Dam Rosalina is a very exquisite doe that has freshened twice with a beautiful mammary and earned her milk star in 2020! Rose Oak will be a first freshener in 2022! And is definitely one to watch!!
Kickstart is a very welcome addition to the herd, I have been hoping to work with a Willow-Oak daughter for almost two years and Im so thrilled to finally have her! Kickstart has incredible udder structure along with capacity. I love her teat placement and I see her medial developing more and more throughout her second freshening. Her mammary is well attached and solid and we are sure excited to see some more freshenings over the years to come. 
Digsy is a half sister to our much loved doe Hightime. She too has a correct sharp bodystyle that I see maturing and filling out nicely. I was intrigued by the cross over of Fade and Sugar Cain, he consistently puts nice, well attached mammaries on his kids and I'm hoping to see that on little Digsy. Digsy will be dry until 2023
Cosmo is a beautiful, highly anticipated doeling on our farm. Her dam Champagne is a herd favorite, that produced 2 lovely daughters in 2020. Cosmo will be one of our very first does to freshen off of our buck Buzz! She is maturing nicely and growing into a well balanced good sized doe. Cosmo will be a first freshener in 2022!
Sky is the lovely result of a bit of a linebreed on Black Oak. Her dam Kickstart is a herd favorite, with excellent overall udder structure and correct teat placement. Kickstart earned her milkstar as a second freshner milking, 3.9 lbs on her one day test.

Evie is a gorgeous, correct little buckskin with oodles of potential. I completely adore my Champagne offspring and I see tons of potential here. Evie is one of our first doelings out of our Mic Mac buck, Charms. I cant wait to see what this breeding produced! Evie is growing nicely and were hopeful to see her freshen in 2022

Teacup has been a sweet little lap goat since the day she was born! I absolutely adore this cross, her dam Torrent produces an impressive amount of milk for her small stature and with some body refinement thanks to her sire Charms, Teacup could completely blow us away. Teacup should make breeding weight this season for Spring 2022 babies!
Golden girl holds a pretty special place with me, when Helen at Furthur Farm offered me this special little doeling, I could hardly contain my excitment, Goldens Dam Unbroken Chain is a stunning doe who cleaned house at the Nigerian Dwarf Classic this summer. UBC walked away with 1st place 3 year old in all 4 shows, Grand Champion in all 4 shows, 1st place dam and daughter and 1st place in the futurity! Golden has all the odds stacked in her favor and I cant wait to see how this beauty turns out.
Posh is a beautiful sundagu doeling out of Classy and Charms. Classy is a highly productive doe for us, earning her milkstar as a first freshener in 2021 and continuing to be an excellent producer during her second freshening feeding her quads. Classy also has beautiful mammary style with nice central teats and lovely attachments. Posh looks a touch longer and slightly more refined then her dam so were looking forward to seeing this young doe freshen in 2023!
Boy are we excited about this cross! Wynns dam Encore is a productive doe with incredible thick long teats and a mammary style were swooning over, I'm hoping to see those traits passed down to Wynn. Her sire Bluegrass is the son of legendary doe Kentucky Rye and I'm looking forward to seeing some Blue daughters freshen next season. I have a good feeling about this one!Boy are we excited about this cross! Wynns dam Encore is a productive doe with incredible thick long teats and a mammary style were swooning over, I'm hoping to see those traits passed down to Wynn. Her sire Bluegrass is the son of legendary doe Kentucky Rye and I'm looking forward to seeing some Blue daughters freshen next season. I have a good feeling about this one!
Two Socks is a beautiful young doeling out of one of my best does, Rose Oak. Her dam Rose Oak freshened with a STUNNING super correct mammary and I'm loving the cross with our Kentucky Rye son Bluegrass. There are so many beautiful animals in this pedigree! The odds are stacked in your favour Two Socks!

Thunder is a gorgeous young doe I knew I was retaining from the moment she was born. She's got a sharp, long body and a gorgeous level top line. She walks with such presence like she knows she's gorgeous. Her dam Kickstart is one of my VERY favourite does in our herd and I'm looking forward to seeing how Thunder turns out next season

Charms is favourite around here! We were lucky enough to have Charms join us in the summer of 2020. We saw him as a buckling and immediately fell in love! His sire Dawnland Mic Mac is a very well-known buck who has produced MANY show-winning daughters with excellent udder structure and powerhouse milk capabilities, we are thrilled to have added a few animals from the Mic Mac bloodline to our herd this year!

Blue Grass is everything we’re looking for in a young buck! This boy is strong and wide but sharp and dairy. His sharp shoulders and length of body are impressive for a young buckling his age. I can already see the depth of body he is developing and I very much love this young boy. His sire Wild Bill has produced a few lovely daughters notably with amazing thick long teat size and excellent udder shape!! Bills dam Lost Valley MR Megan appraised at VEEE90 in 2015. 

Oh Buzz! We jokingly call this handsome boy our Magic Buck and we truly believe that he is!  We’re so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to have Buzz join our buck herd! Besides his gorgeous, sharp, well put together body style, this boy has a killer pedigree. Buzz is out of the beautiful and very well-loved Potting Shed KAJ Magic, her breeder describes her as his “all-time favourite” and she is very much a favourite of ours too! 

Lucky is a nicely put together young buckling from my favourite Canadian breeder, Amanda at Curl Creek Farm. Lucky's pedigree speaks volumes with some serious milk production and super correct udder structure that we are working really hard to achieve in our breeding program.