Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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We are high quality Nigerian Dwarf breeders located in central Alberta. We have carefully selected animals for our foundational herd from quality lines across Canada and we have acquired some superior genetics to back them. Building a solid and strong foundation herd is extremely important to us as we are continually breeding for excellent body conformation, high-quality dairy character and production with well-supported mammary systems.

Nigerian Dwarfs are known for their amazing dairy qualities, gentle and friendly natured personalities and their beautiful range of colourful coats. Nigerians milk has the highest butterfat content out of all the dairy breeds which makes it excellent for making soap and cheese or just a good ol creamy glass of milk!!

We have completely fallen in love with the breed! They make excellent animals for small farms and homesteads and have been a wonderful addition to our family, allowing our kids to be involved with caring for them. We continually strive for a well socialized and easy going herd that fills that milk bucket! This miniature dairy breed will completely steal your heart!

Milk Production and Dairy Character are the main qualities we are focused on and we will continue to track this by participating in milk testing our does from year to year. The past 2 seasons we have participated in the *M One Day Milk Test through the CGS and have had many of our does earn their milk stars!

Our herd is completely registered with the CLRC at the Canadian Goat Society


Herd health and care for our animals is extremely important to us, we continue to annually test our whole herd 9 months+ for Johnes and CAE, as well as only purchasing from clean, healthy tested herds. 

We are pleased to report NEGATIVE results for both Johnes and CAE and continue to be CL abscess free as of July 2021

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