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Purchase Policy

Sales Policy

​Please read over the following in regards to our sales policy, if you have any questions prior to making your commitment, please do not hesitate to ask

All animals are to be paid for in FULL before leaving our possession, there will be NO exceptions

Deposits that are placed will be NON-REFUNDABLE. We ask that you only place a deposit on an animal that you are completely certain about. Please ask as many questions as needed prior to making your purchase or sending the deposit. We do require a 50% deposit to hold any kid(s) or adults that may be for sale.

As the breeder we reserve the right to retain any kid or kids from any breeding REGARDLESS of any reservations that have been made and we maintain the right to refuse the sale of any goats to anyone for any reason, in which case your deposit will be refunded.

All kids (except pet wethers) will be registered with The Canadian Goat Society , tattooed and treated with Baycox for coccidia prevention at 3, 6 and 10 weeks. Starting in 2022 we will not be vaccinating the kids that are sold, vaccination will be the buyers responsibility once you have your kid, if you choose to do so. All animals will be disbudded unless a written or emailed request and deposit has been sent letting us know you wish otherwise. Please be advised although we try our very best, we CANNOT guarantee against any scurs.

Our goats are guaranteed healthy when they leave our farm but due to the fact that we cannot control the stress of travel or shipping or the management of the animal once it leaves our farm, we cannot offer any further health guarantees. If you would like a health check done by a vet prior to purchase we are happy to get our herd vet or vet of your choice to complete one, this will however be at the buyers cost. We offer no warranties, written or implied. If the animal develops a genetic problem later in life we will evaluate each situation individually and try to find a reasonable solution, we do not make any guarantees for a refund, replacement or discount. We completely stand behind the animals on our farm and will always provide straight honest information about them to the best of our knowledge.

We test our herd annually for Johnes and CAE, as of July 2021 we are happy to report negative for Johnes and CAE as well as remain CL abscess free.

Please note, there is always potential for a kid to be born that will mature over the breed height standard. We do our best to wether bucklings that may be considered tall, however we cannot control mother nature. We are happy to offer current heights on all of our bucks and does, please take this into account when looking at certain breeding pairs. We do NOT offer height guarantees!

Kids must be picked up no later than 14 days after they are weaned and ready to go, Bucklings must be picked up no later then 9 weeks of age! In certain situations we can make TEMPORARY arrangements to board the kid until you are able to pick up, (2$ a day). We don’t usually offer delivery unless it has been pre arranged or we are going to be travelling in that direction anyways.

Please bring acceptable and clean transport for your animal(s). ALSO for biosecurity reason we ask that you come dressed appropriately with no dirty boots or clothes that you would use in your own animal pens and please do NOT enter our pens without consent.

We do ship by air, if a goat is to be shipped the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, including the crate and flight. We ship by Westjet or AIr Canada out of the Calgary International Airport (YYC). Buyer is also responsible for booking and coordinating the flight date at a mutually agreed upon time/date. Air travel has gone very smoothly for us in the past, the airline will charge your credit card accordingly once your goat has been dropped off and weighed at check in. Animals must be dropped off 3 hours prior to flight time.


Our animals are priced individually based on pedigree, milk records and potential.

Registered Stock
Does: 750-1000$
Bucks: 600-1000$

Pet Wethers: 200$
Discounts will be offered on pet wether pairs or groups.

Special pricing can be placed for older does, does in milk, bred does or kids and adults that have an undesired trait for our breeding program and need to be placed in a pet home only.

PLEASE NOTE** We cannot accept returns, we run a clean tested herd and cannot control what the goats are exposed to once they leave our farm**