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Ceramic Pottery Bubble Candle

Enjoy these beautiful handmade ceramic pottery candles in 3 fresh scents, made with pure essential oils and a crackling wood wick. All the candle vessels are handcrafted by Sara Doecke of Okey Doecke Pottery, made locally right here in Three Hills AB. 

Once your candle has completely burned down, simply place your ceramic vessel in the freezer for a couple hours, the remaining wax will easily chip out and you can wash up your ceramic jar and reuse it as a flower vase, a coffee cup, an adorable jar for pens or toothbrushes, anything you can think of! There's many ways to reuse these beautiful jars.

100% All Natural Coconut Soy Wax, Softly Scented with 100% Pure Essential Oils, choose from Lavender, Eucalyptus Spearmint or Lemon Peppermint

Candle Care

Your first burn is the most important. Be sure to trim your wood wick to ⅛” and let your candle’s wax pool melt right to the edge of your container. This should take 1 hour for every inch. This will help to ensure that each additional burn is even, thus giving you most out of your candle.

If you don’t give your candle enough time to form this pool, you may end up with tunneling which will make it hard for your candle to light and stay lit.

For each additional burn, trim your wood wick and free it from any debris before lighting. The wax fuels the candle’s flame so it needs to be trimmed short and remain clean or the wax cannot make it to the flame.